Image by Laura Chouette
Image by Laura Chouette



Hi, I'm Tinka! I’m a little bit extra sometimes, but somehow works for me! I’m creative, vibrant, a fashionista, and high-spirited! I like to channel that lit energy through my eye-catching style! Those are just a few words to describe The Super Stylist and CEO of TinkTimesThree LLC. Growing up in a small town in Louisiana there weren't many options for shopping other than online.  

The urge to explore Fashion, be creative, and simply be unique was a must!  In high school, I was voted best dressed by my peers and it continued through college.  There I would receive numerous compliments about my style and grace. Instead of pursuing fashion, I decided on a career that would bring me instant financial stability and benefits.  It was in college when my love for interior styling and décor developed.  It started with decorating my dorm room and then decorating my first one-bedroom apartment with “hand-me-down”  furniture and a vision.  All of my friends would say that my apartment was warm and inviting. It felt “home-y”. Well, It did! 

Image by Laura Chouette


It was a genuine feeling of love, an eye for distinct details, and a place to vibe!  Last, but not least beauty! The love for all things beauty,  trends, cosmetics, etc, came naturally as I matured into a young lady. Although my degrees are not in fashion, interior design, or beauty; the love for all three has not died! I want to share that love with you!



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