Tinka would like to dedicate her fashion and style influence to her grandparents Marvin and Pauline.  Her grandparents had the first Black-owned clothing store called “The Now Shop” in downtown Jonesboro, Louisiana in 1972. They started by selling  logo shirts,  jeans;  And then expanded  to  ladies clothes, mens suits,  shoes, 8-tracks and record albums. Her grandparents would travel to New York, New York,  New Orleans, Louisiana, Jackson, Mississippi, Dallas, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois to visit the market. The market would host several vendors where they could purchase items for their store to bring back home. They eventually had to close their store down after 9 years due to businesses opening such as Walmart destroying many of the local small businesses. Thank you to her grandparents for always being loving and caring and true bosses! I love you always!



Tinka would like to dedicate interior styling to her aunts Clarice (Tee-Tee), Tommie, Bet, and Toosie.
As a child, she did not realize how beautifully decorated her aunts' houses were. It wasn’t until she was older she recognized the beauty, elegance, and class. She admired how everything flowed throughout the house. Her most memorable home decor was during Christmas Holidays. At Christmas time, her aunts would decorate their entire houses. The kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the bedroom, the guest room, and the bathrooms would be decorated. For example, the bathroom would have a holiday-themed shower curtain, towel sets,  and soap dispensers! The guest rooms would have Holiday-themed comforters, curtains, and the classic Christmas Village of figurines. The living room would have an extravagant Christmas tree and a few Christmas themed pillows for the couch. The kitchen would have Holiday themed towels hanging from the oven; along with those holiday towels we had holiday serve-ware, serving trays, and glasses to bring everything together. It was such a classy, beautiful place, and a wonderful time filled with memories that she will cherish forever with the family that she loves dearly.

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Tinka would like to dedicate the  Beauty portion of TinkTimesThree LLC  to her mom. “ I remember my mom being super trendy as a child.  She always cared about her appearance.” It was like the beauty supply store exploded in her bathroom. My mom had all the products and things that you would need to style your hair and do your makeup. Growing up,  I would watch my mom dress up for Church and different events.  Like most girls, I wanted to be just like my mom; so much that in fifth grade I took some of her eye shadows to school to sneak and wear! I will never forget that whooping! LOL


I thank her for those whoopings to this day! Thank you to my mom for being the epitome of class and Grace! She has shown me what beauty is inside and out! I love you!